A Happy Birthday Event!

On Sunday we enjoyed a great celebration of life for one of our church members.
Miss Cricket is one of the founding members of our church, a lady who loves to tell everyone what the Lord has done to bring our church into existence, and how He's blessed us.
She's a blessing to us too!
May God give you many more years of loving service.


Fellowship Suppers

On the second Saturday of each month, Pamlico Presbyterian Church hosts a fellowship supper at 6:00 PM for everyone. Please come! You are welcome to come visit us on this informal occasion. We enjoy a delicious meal together and then listen to a brief 15 minute program. Our programs range from musical groups, games, sing-alongs, to presentations from local groups like hospice or charity organizations. Come join us!


Happy New Year!

The members of Pamlico Presbyterian Church wish you a happy new year, filled with joy in our Lord, peace in your life, and fellowship with believers. God bless you!