Cricket's Picnic, 2015

Each May, Cricket, our church's oldest member, hosts a grand picnic at her mobile home park and marina. Her residents all attend, bringing dishes of corn or beans or salads or desserts. Here's Cricket ~
Cricket has been a faithful member and encourager of Pamlico Presybterian Church for decades. At whatever stage of life she finds herself, she does all she can for God's church.
She always invites the church family to join with her residents in this annual celebration.
Cricket waits with the eager diners for the prayer to be said by Rev. Christiansen
Tents, tables, and chairs are set up beforehand to accommodate the crowd. There's always way too much food! Cricket provides the barbeque and chicken dishes.
But conversation and fellowship are the real goals of the day.
Church members bring along their lawn chairs and enjoy the fine weather by the marina.
And some friends who haven't seen each other in a few weeks get a warm hug!
Cricket's picnic always feels like the first true day of summer. Thank you, Cricket, for inviting us all to come and enjoy God's beautiful creation at your home!