Giving Thanks Together!

Our church's 5th annual Thanksgiving Day dinner was a wonderful gathering of thankful people!
Fifteen friends, family, and visitors laughed, ate, shared, thanked God, cleaned up, and took to-go boxes away.
Harvest decorations and banners abounded, and many pies and cakes were enjoyed.
Here are some who came:

Philip deep-fried an 18-pound turkey, and Woody kept him company.

So much wonderful food! It truly was a feast in all the best ways.
The fried turkey was the most moist turkey ever eaten.

A lovely butternut salad:
And Darryl's lighter-than-air spice cake - delicious!
We thank God for our church family, a group of people who love and help each other each day of the week and are more like family than merely acquaintances we see on a Sunday. The fellowship of this table and the joy shared today remind us of the beauty of God's kingdom. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Our Second Ladies' Salad Supper

 What a lovely time we had at Sally's home, enjoying our friends and our culinary skills!
Sally and Gary have a lovely dock and view off of Smith Creek. Thanks, Sally, for hosting us.


The Potter's Wheel

 On Saturday evening, our church people enjoyed our monthly Fellowship Supper. Afterward we had the privilege of a very unique and special presentation by a gifted potter, Nadine Eby. The Ebys have added so much enthusiasm and blessing to our church, and last night was no exception! Nadine's program, "The Potter's Wheel," delves deeply into the Scriptural parallel between how a potter molds, handles, and cares for his clay pot, and how God's molds, handles, and cares for us.
 Nadine brought her kick wheel and clay. She demonstrated throwing the pot: centering it, forming it, applying pressure from within and without, and gently pulling the clay upward into a pot.
 Nadine, who was trained in New York City and has been a potter for 35 years, made it look so simple and easy! As she handled the clay and spun the wheel, she talked to us, incorporating Scripture and examples from real life.
 She also brought along various pieces of pottery that would have been typical in Biblical times. From left to right: Gideon's jar, two cruets for mixing oils, a chalice and plate, and in the back a short oil lamp similar to one the ten virgins might have held in Jesus's story.
 We all sat in a semi-circle watching, amazed by both her skill and all the spiritual parallels. At the end we sang together a cappella "Have Thine Own Way, Lord." "Thou art the potter, I am the clay. Mold me and make me after Thy will."
Thank you, Nadine, for sharing your gifts and insights with us!


Our First Ladies' Salad Supper

 Many of our church ladies gathered at Martha Barlow's home on Monday night for a pot-luck salad supper. Look at those smiling faces! We had a fabulous time of friendship, not to mention the excellent spread of food:
 Purely as a record of the dishes we'll enjoy at these salad pot-lucks, here are photos of the various dishes everyone brought:
Linda's pasta salad

Edna's Caesar salad

Mary Kathryn's chicken salad

Nadine's carrot/cabbage salad

Edrae's three-bean salad

Joyce's Amish broccoli salad

Martha's mixed green/olive salad

And the star of the evening, Sally's strawberry/pretzel salad
We had so much fun! The ladies wanted to plan our next salad supper then and there. We will meet at Sally's house next time, probably in mid-summer. Thanks ladies, for the fun and joy that shines out of you when we get together!

2nd Annual Church Picnic on the Farm

Today our church's congregation gathered at the pastor's farm for our May picnic fellowship supper. Pastor Adam set up a grill area, a tent to cover the serving tables, and some tables and chairs for everyone to relax and eat.
 Although some folks are out of town traveling, we had a good turn-out and delicious food: hotdogs, ribs, baked beans, salads, baked and fried chicken, and cookies for dessert.
 Quite a few guests took a little tour of the pasture, the garden, and the greenhouse, and a few ladies toured the pastor's home.
 Around 3:00 the weather was sunny, very warm and still, and the flies were annoying.

 By 5:00 the skies had darkened, the air was cooler, and a storm approached. By 6:00 we had all eaten, the wind was gusty, the large pecan trees were blowing, and drops began to fall.
And just like last year's picnic, in minutes everyone waved their good-byes, dashed to their cars, and headed home before the storm hit! Hopefully next year, we will find a rain-free day for our church picnic on the farm! Thanks to all who came; it was a delightful time.

Cricket's 100th Birthday Party!

 Mrs. Cricket has been a member of Pamlico Presbyterian Church since its very beginning. She's been so instrumental in supporting the church, working hard for the church, and faithfully attending the church. We wish her a very happy birthday this month, and wanted to throw her a big party!

We had lots of balloons, flowers, a big sheet cake (coconut, of course, her favorite!), banners -- now, to see who will come!

LOTS of people came to wish Cricket a happy birthday!
 Our fellowship hall was full to bursting, and three tables were full of casseroles and other delicious dishes.

 We are so happy to have such a wonderful woman in our church.
Many blessings on you in the years ahead, Mrs. Cricket! You are certainly a blessing to us.

No Services on Jan. 8th

Pamlico Presbyterian Church has cancelled services on Sunday, Jan. 8 due to winter weather conditions.

Please note that our fellowship supper, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 14, is still on the calendar, and is a special event because we will celebrate Cricket Draughon's 100th birthday as well! Please come celebrate with us, bring a side wish to share with everyone, and wish Mrs. Cricket a very happy century of life!