He Is Risen!

Oriental's Easter Sunrise Service was gray and drizzly, but many worshipers gathered by the river to celebrate their living Savior, risen from the dead for their salvation.

As the sky brightened the service began very simply -- light rain prevented
d any electronics.
Pastor Adam preached the homily, and Mary Kathryn led the music.
Later Pamlico Presbyterian enjoyed its own Easter service. The hand chime choir played "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today." Beautiful lilies scented the sanctuary, and graced the communion table.

Christ Is Risen, Indeed!


A Satisfying Seder Meal

Last night our congregation gathered in the fellowship hall for a time of sharing, eating, and learning.
The fruit of the vine and the unleavened bread
 Pastor Adam took us through the Seder, with all its cups of juice and nibbles of unleavened bread, horseradish, parsley, and dates. The readings -- by him, by Joyce (the evening's Jewish "mother"), by the people gathered -- were meaningful and enriching.
 By participating in the meal we learned so much about the Jewish people and their traditions, about how Jesus observed this meal, and especially which cup, with the matza bread, Jesus offered as His body and blood. What a fascinating experience!
We also brought food for a covered dish meal. The ladies busily prepared it all.
 Pastor Adam wore his apron for all that cooking.
 The Seder involved children often, all through the meal, and they enjoyed helping.
The Seder Supper is quite interactive, with lots of tasting, explaining, and reading aloud. Thank you, everyone, for coming and enjoying this with us! We feel even more ready for the Easter season this year.
 One long table included everyone, from babies to our older members.


The Seder Supper

Pamlico Presbyterian Church invites everyone
to our Seder Supper
on March 24, 2016,
Thursday evening at 6:00
(Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter).
The meal will be in our fellowship hall.

Have you ever wondered how the Jewish Passover became the Last Supper?

Or how the Last Supper became our modern Communion?

Come participate in a Seder meal, where Pastor Adam will show us, around the table, how the meal was done and what all the components of the meal mean.

This evening will also include a regular covered dish meal, so you won't go home hungry!
Everyone is welcome -- it will be fun, interesting and delicious!