The Moore's Creek Boys

Our November Family Night Supper was a fun affair with great food and lively music from The Moore's Creek Boys. Our own church member,Shane Harris, plays guitar in this bluegrass band.
Then talented men played many old-time worship favorites, and kept us all laughing with jokes and cheer.
Thanks so much to them for this first-class entertainment!
Our next dinner is on December 15, at 6:00 PM, a covered dish Christmas dinner that will follow our Lessons and Carols Christmas Program. Please come! We have very visitor-friendly events!


Our Christmas Program

It's not too early to put this date on your calendars! Pamlico Presbyterian Church will hold its Christmas Program on December 15, 2013, at 6:00 p.m.
The service consists of alternating Lessons and Carols -- Scripture readings and either special music by our handchime choir or vocalists, and congregational carol singing.

Please join us for this special evening celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior and King who came as a baby, Immanuel, God with us.

A covered-dish congregational meal follows the program. Please plan to stay and enjoy this Christmas meal with us.


It's Shoebox Time!

Is your church sending Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year? Our church filled 22 boxes last year, and this year we're going to surpass that number!
This year we purchased boxes from Samaritan's Purse which are just the right size, and already Christmas bright -- red and green.
As the church members brought in their boxes, we stacked them in the fellowship hall. We had 22 boxes, but we weren't finished yet. This year we determined to have a "shoebox party" where we all bring in more items and fill boxes at the church. It's so much fun, and it feels so much like Christmas to be boxing presents together for the children.
Three ladies look over our stash of gifts to see what we lack.
We had separate piles of candy, toys, hygiene items, school supplies, and clothing.
Then on Tuesday evening after Bible study, we each grabbed a box and started to pack it for a child.
Each child should certainly receive a stuffed animal and some candy.
When we were done, we had 42 boxes total! And we have several more still to come in.
Jill packed a box for a boy.
And so did Nick. He's all smiles!
If you have never participated in this wonderful program, consider it. Shoeboxes are collected in churches and community centers all over the country, and overseas. You can pack a single box at home yourself and bring it in, and bring such joy to the heart of a child this Christmas.


Pastor Appreciation

The church members surprised Pastor Adam and his wife with a Pastor Appreciation Dinner on Saturday evening, October 12. Adam and Mary Kathryn were treated to a lovely cake and a basket full of greeting cards from the families of the congregation.
We had our usual sumptuous fare on the dinner line ~
Our cooks in the congregation can sure turn out some beautiful dishes!
October is Pastor Appreciation Month. We are all so thankful for our churches and their pastors!
The Christiansens wish to thank all their dear church members for planning this lovely evening, and for the cake and the corsages on Sunday morning. We love you!


Prayer and Praise

Last Saturday evening the strains of hymn singing filled our fellowship hall. Our monthly covered dish supper was followed by many, many old favorites being sung around the piano. Thirty church members and guests gathered to eat and fellowship. As is our custom, we held hands in a circle for prayer before the meal.
Among our hymn favorites were "Because He Lives," "In the Garden," "How Great Thou Art!" and "Just As I Am." These folks love to sing and lift their voices, especially when the words are about their Savior and His love for them.
Our fellowship suppers are on the 2nd Saturday evening of every month at 6:00 p.m. We'd love for you to join us!


Saturday Evening Art Show

In July, our Saturday Covered-Dish Supper Program drew a large crowd. We enjoyed the music of Harbor Sounds. Last night our August Program was simpler, but just as artistic. All members of the church who excel in the visual arts were asked to bring their art to the fellowship hall to be enjoyed by the diners.
Ron brought his paintings, many of them lovely seascapes.
We enjoyed our meal and viewed the art work beforehand and afterward.
Our two teen girls contributed many excellent pieces in a variety of mediums.
Ron also carves birds. We oohed and ahhed at the finished projects!
Isn't this lovely?
Pastor Adam visited with parishioners.
Many paintings focused on the glories of the sea.
John brought lovely pictures of his wife, and some fishing and military scenes. Mary brought her book of poetry.
One daughter of a church member contributed this large forest scene.
This haunting seascape of a ship in peril at night was particularly gripping. The underwater activity and the approaching storm double the terror. Aren't we glad our God is a "shelter in a time of storm"?
If you're ever in our area on the second Saturday of the month, please join us for great food, friendly fellowship, and one of our interesting programs.


Harbor Sounds

At our regular covered-dish supper we enjoyed the sweet bluegrass and gospel strains of Harbor Sounds. They sang spiritual music before our meal and lovely bluegrass mountain music afterward.
What a crowd we had there! Forty-four enthusiastic listeners appreciated the talent of the well-loved local group.

Harbor Sounds is a altruistic group; they give any proceeds from their performances to charity and have helped in many disasters and aided the needy. We're proud to have them in Pamlico County.
We applauded them and clapped along with the fiddle's rhythm. Our hands were rather tired! And our meal was stupendous! Rarely have we seen so many delicious dishes spread out on three serving tables. We had fun listening, fun eating, and fun cleaning up. Thank you, Harbor Sounds!

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. The camera was defective. Just think of them as "soft focus.")


Our Church in the Croakerfest Parade!

Today our church participated in Oriental's annual July 4th festival, Croakerfest. We decorated a float for the parade yesterday, and today we rode along in the lovely sunshine and lively breeze, enjoying the company and the friendly crowds along the parade route.
One friend brought his truck and trailer.
We already had church signs for the sides of the truck.
We had two kinds of banners for the sides of the trailer. We had to hold it firmly against the wind.
Bows on the corners, and we had lots of help. Yay for staple guns!
We blew up balloons.
 And blew up balloons.
 And blew up balloons.
Oh yeah -- all smiles :)
Many hands make little work, my mother always said.

We met again this morning to claim our spot in the parade float line-up. We even had two doggies along too, Sandy and Boomer!
Some of us even donned Uncle Sam hats. We blew bubbles from the little wands and sprayed some silly string into the street.
Happy July 4th! Happy Parade Day! Happy Croakerfest!
We all loved our friend's cute antennae.
And this precious lady thought ahead and brought her Independence Day hat and a bright blue umbrella.
We had such fun and plan to do this again next year. We threw well over 1000 pieces of candy to the children lining the streets. Isn't it odd that during parades parents encourage their children to accept candy from strangers that is thrown to them and lands in the street -- even in the ditch? And to compete with other kids and dash near moving vehicles for it? Crazy Americans. I wonder:  do they do this in any other country?


Lunch and Learn at Our Church

Lunch and Learn is a regular event in our community. Various churches host the lunch, and some type of program, usually fun and educational, is given also. The attenders are mostly elderly/retired folks from the community. We had quite a crowd at our church today!
These volunteers came this morning to help with lunch: Sandy, Julia, Martha, Adam, Mary Kathryn, Elaine, Bob, and (front) Anna and Edrae.
Monday night we met to set up the fellowship hall to seat all these people. We'd cleaned windows already, and pulled out more chairs, tables, cloths, and basically spruced up our church facility while we were at it.
The ladies of the church baked cookies, brownies and cupcakes. We put a platter of assorted goodies on each table. Oh, the excitement when the desserts arrived at the tables!
These ladies did not nibble one goodie beforehand. Not one bite :)
Anna and Julia spent time chopping garlic into a fine dice. I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the lunch plate! We served: chicken salad on a lettuce bed, yeast roll, strawberries and cantaloupe, and potato chips -- a perfect, light summer lunch. Quite a few people asked for seconds.
Pamlico Presbyterian Church is happy to be involved in this great community event  that draws Christians together and lets us know about ministries in our area. Today our speaker came from Camp Don Lee, a local Methodist children's summer camp. John Farmer is director there, and he gave a great presentation about the work of Camp Don Lee.