The Best Fifth Sunday Singing Yet!

Tonight our church hosted the 5th Sunday Sing enjoyed by the Oriental churches. Sixteen months ago, we hosted the first one -- after making the rounds of all the churches, it's back here!

It was standing room only -- nearly 100 people came this evening to sing, sing, sing. We ran out of hymnals and programs and chairs, but there was abundant joy!
We brought in a couple extra pews from the hallway. And our hand chime choir played, complete with silly girls:
Each church brought its choir. Here's the precious group from the Episcopal church.
And here are the Methodists. They sang a lovely arrangement.
First Baptists has a choir with lots of men. What a great sound!
I failed to get a photo of the Freewill Baptists, I was so excited to listen to them.
There was clapping and cheering and such excitement and joy. It was almost raucous, if that doesn't sound too thrilling. After we'd sung everything we'd planned to sing, and folks were filing out to the fellowship hall, I played To God Be the Glory as a little postlude ... and people started singing again. They weren't ready to be done! What a wonderful spirit filled our church tonight. Everyone truly felt it.
The time of sweet fellowship afterward was just the icing on the cake.
We're thankful for everyone who came, and especially for the fact that this is a recurring event -- every time there's a 5th Sunday -- and we can expect for years to come to enjoy only more evenings like this, a little picture of heaven's singing.

New Windows

This week our church is enjoying some new beauty in our sanctuary. Thanks to the generosity of a church member, all four of the sanctuary window transoms are now graced with stained glass. We previously had only one, donated by a family who have since moved away.
 The three windows added this week portray aspects of the life of Jesus Christ, beginning with his birth.
Continuing with His life of service, including the Lord's Supper,
And ending with His death and resurrection, shown in the lovely Easter lily.
We're so thankful for this beautiful addition to our worship environment. What a blessing to the church!