Happenings in Our Church's Life

Many important events have occurred in our church's life since last November, 2013.
Our dear friend, elder, and brother in Christ, Louis Spilman, died unexpectedly in November. We miss him, his fervent commitment to the church, and his leadership. Many church members traveled to Fayetteville, NC for his funeral service.
Another dear saint in our church, Richard Ayers, had died in January 2013. His wife Joyce dedicated this new lectern to Richard's memory and for the use of the church. We read the Scriptures from it each Sunday morning. This beautiful piece was hand-crafted by another man in our church, Ron Brunnen.
Each year the churches in Oriental gather for a single Thanksgiving service, a time of rejoicing, unity, shared faith, and praise to God. The various ministers organize and lead this service. Our pastor, Adam Christiansen, delivered the message in November.
For the first time, Pamlico Presbyterian Church held a Thanksgiving meal, inviting anyone to come eat who had no other family gathering to attend. We enjoyed a great meal together with a full table -- a great new tradition for our church.

Immediately on the heels of Thanksgiving, the Advent season began. We bedecked our church with evergreen wreaths and poinsettias.
Our Christmas service, an evening event, included music and Scripture readings, followed by a reception. This Lessons and Carols Service is a custom in our church.
Each year, our church participates in Oriental's "Spirit of Christmas" festival by serving cookies and hot cider at the town dock to those strolling the streets. We sing Christmas carols. This year the good weather and general cheer brought out large crowds and great singing.

At last, spring arrived after a long, unusually cold winter.
Pastor Adam convinced the other local ministers to resurrect an old church tradition in Oriental, a Fifth Sunday Night hymn sing. At the end of March, the community gathered at our church. Every pew was full to bursting. The singing was loud and enthusiastic, and a spirit of excitement and praise seemed to raise the rafters and filled our hearts. Groups and soloists from various churches brought their music. We sang all the old hymns -- "It Is Well" and "How Great Thou Art."
The lovely ladies of our church made cookies and punch.
Our hand chime choir played "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" and "Jesus Shall Reign."
That service was a true highlight in the life of our church, and the unity and love among the entire Oriental church community.
Pastor Adam had been planning a Seder Meal -- an observance of the Lord's Supper as the Jews did it for so many years -- on Thursday evening before Easter. This is the Lord's Supper as Jesus kept it with his disciples, the week of his death. We set up a single table for everyone. Twenty-eight people attended, so we had to add another table.
Pastor Adam had prepared beforehand the elements of this meal, the parsley and salt water, the horseradish, the sweet nuts and fruit, the matzah bread, the grape juice.
Our pastor broke his leg in a bad bicycle accident only two weeks before, but he did a great job presenting this event to us anyway.
He baked the matzah and broke it for us in the meal.
The meal was leisurely and enjoyable, with participation by everyone.
Children and grandchildren were there to play their parts.

The candle was lit, indicating the light of God in our lives.
We approach Easter Sunday with a sense of excitement and thanksgiving to our God for providing us with a Savior, whom we need so much, and for bringing us into His kingdom as His children. May you find peace and joy in being His child also.