A Gathering of Thanks!

For the second year, Pamlico Presbyterian Church enjoyed a large dinner gathering of church members, family, and friends on Thanksgiving Day at 2:00 p.m. Twenty-two people attended this meal, a significant increase from last year, and the table spread the length of the fellowship hall. Everyone sat at one table, and the meal was served family style.

Pastor Adam made croissants. Here's the butter square on Wednesday, in preparation for all those rolls!
Thursday morning, Pastor Adam was there bright and early to cook turkey.
Helping him was Joe Flowers.
Friends of the church, the Joneses, provided a generous ham with fruit.
The turkey was large ...
But for twenty-two people, we needed an additional turkey breast.
Some attendees have been at the church for years; some people at the table were in our church for the first time today.
Happy faces all around!
The little girls enjoyed corn-on-the-cob.
The big girls ate in between glances at a screen.
The dessert table was heavy with cobblers, pies, and chocolate.
Linda's delicious grape salad in an appropriate dish ~
We at Pamlico Presbyterian Church are so thankful to God for our church, for our community, for the grace we have in Jesus, and for all He provides for us. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!