Joy Deal comes to Pamlico Presbyterian

Joy Deal
On Saturday night, Pamlico Presbyterian had our monthly covered dish dinner. As always, the food was great and plenteous. Bert brought one of his famous pound cakes fresh and warm from the oven. We should have taken some pictures of all the yummy food, but...

Each month we have a program and this month Joy Deal, a registered nurse who goes around the world on medical missions, came to tell us about a recent trip to India. In all missions work flexibility is key. When they arrived in India that were not allowed to do any medical work. The authorities said that helping the people medically and telling the about Christ was bribing the people to convert.

They had a number of adventures. At one point after sharing the Gospel and teaching at a local church, their hotel was surrounded by protesters. They had to have a bus load of police brought in to get back into their rooms, before quickly leaving. The incident was big enough that it made it into the local news which made the rest of their work more difficult while there. We do not often think of India as a closed nation, but they did ask foreign missionaries to leave back in the 90's.

Keep joy in your prayers as she continues to serve the Lord around the world.