Lunch and Learn at Our Church

Lunch and Learn is a regular event in our community. Various churches host the lunch, and some type of program, usually fun and educational, is given also. The attenders are mostly elderly/retired folks from the community. We had quite a crowd at our church today!
These volunteers came this morning to help with lunch: Sandy, Julia, Martha, Adam, Mary Kathryn, Elaine, Bob, and (front) Anna and Edrae.
Monday night we met to set up the fellowship hall to seat all these people. We'd cleaned windows already, and pulled out more chairs, tables, cloths, and basically spruced up our church facility while we were at it.
The ladies of the church baked cookies, brownies and cupcakes. We put a platter of assorted goodies on each table. Oh, the excitement when the desserts arrived at the tables!
These ladies did not nibble one goodie beforehand. Not one bite :)
Anna and Julia spent time chopping garlic into a fine dice. I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the lunch plate! We served: chicken salad on a lettuce bed, yeast roll, strawberries and cantaloupe, and potato chips -- a perfect, light summer lunch. Quite a few people asked for seconds.
Pamlico Presbyterian Church is happy to be involved in this great community event  that draws Christians together and lets us know about ministries in our area. Today our speaker came from Camp Don Lee, a local Methodist children's summer camp. John Farmer is director there, and he gave a great presentation about the work of Camp Don Lee.