Harbor Sounds

At our regular covered-dish supper we enjoyed the sweet bluegrass and gospel strains of Harbor Sounds. They sang spiritual music before our meal and lovely bluegrass mountain music afterward.
What a crowd we had there! Forty-four enthusiastic listeners appreciated the talent of the well-loved local group.

Harbor Sounds is a altruistic group; they give any proceeds from their performances to charity and have helped in many disasters and aided the needy. We're proud to have them in Pamlico County.
We applauded them and clapped along with the fiddle's rhythm. Our hands were rather tired! And our meal was stupendous! Rarely have we seen so many delicious dishes spread out on three serving tables. We had fun listening, fun eating, and fun cleaning up. Thank you, Harbor Sounds!

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. The camera was defective. Just think of them as "soft focus.")